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Individual Counseling Session

Are you experiencing extreme bouts of sadness?
Have work expectations left you feeling overwhelmed and anxious?
Are family obligations leaving you stressed and angry?

Life has a way of throwing curveballs. It is our desire to help you navigate the rough patches of life and accompany you on your journey to self discovery. With our support, you can expect to grow beyond challenges of depression, anxiety, and stress, ultimately arriving at the best version of you.

Couples/Marital/Family Dynamic Counseling

Are you struggling with connecting with your teen?
Has being a blended family caused tension in the home?
Are you and your partner arguing more than normal?

Problems in your family can affect all areas of your life. You and your loved ones may experience distress stemming from work, school, or in everyday interactions with your children or other people. With our support, you can find new ways to manage struggle, conflict, and challenges, foster better communication among family members, and overall strengthen your familial unit.

TeleMental Health

Working from home? Homeschooling? Do you work unconventional hours?

Access, flexibility, comfort, and convenience are all reasons why online therapy may be the best option for you. Tele mental health is convenient and let’s be honest, we all like convenience. You can access help whenever and wherever you are! Traveling or being home with a sick child used to mean a cancelled appointment for sure. Now, practicing self care and focusing on you will no longer be placed on the back burner and you can arrange to see us no matter what life tosses in the mix. With the internet being available almost anywhere now, being able to access help when and where you want it has never been easier. We’re dedicated to holding space for you…even if it’s virtually!

Workplace Counseling

Do you have a licensed therapist as a part of your wellness team?

GraySpace Counseling Group, Inc seeks to improve workplace morale, increase productivity, de-stigmatize and normalize mental health, and promote mental wellness in the workplace through onsite counseling and consulting services available to companies and organizations.