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Dear Strong Friend,

I get it…

First off, let me just say that it takes one to know one. I am a self diagnosed high achieving, professional, perfectionist strong friend also known as the one with all of the answers. Much like you, I have found myself in many situations where I’ve felt frustrated and alone with no one to go to. Being a high performer has led to tremendous amounts of responsibility, accountability, and expectation.  As natural leaders, we are often expected to “do big things” and motivate others to do the same.

Create the things you wish existed…

It was through these experiences and moments of frequent burnout that I saw the need for a safe, brave space for THE STRONG FRIEND.

…and this is where I come in; an unconventional therapist dedicated to holding space for those who often don’t get the chance to be vulnerable and/or transparent. I’m Emme “M” Smith, founder and CEO of GraySpace Counseling, Inc. It is my pleasure to support you through the process of navigating the gray areas of your life, ultimately leading you to a clearer vision of SELF; self actualization, self love, and self awareness.


If you are ready to begin the journey, or if you’ve found yourself in a “grayspace,”
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