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Modern therapy for the high functioning professional

Calling all

Are you a high performing, high achieving professional experiencing anxiety? Do career demands often leave you stressed and fatigued? Has work/life balance become difficult to juggle? Is high functioning stress and anxiety your new normal?

Calling all

Do you find that you are typically the one with all of the answers? Are you constantly leading, directing, supervising, and giving advice? Are you the proverbial glue that holds everyone together? Have you found yourself frustrated and alone when you hit a tough spot?

We’re holding space for you!

What it means to be a high functioning professional...

Existing as a natural leader and high achiever has its challenges. Whether it be silencing your thoughts and ideas for fear of retaliation or dealing with the microaggressions and all of the “-isms” that the workplace presents, navigating this gray space while balancing life situations can prove to be difficult.

We’re holding space for you!

Embrace your GraySpace

We understand that not everything in life is black or white. Navigating the gray area can often leave you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and alone. Gray space simply means that you have arrived at a place in your life where you can use the power of choice to manifest your idea of wholeness and happiness.

If you’ve found yourself in a space that feels a little out of the ordinary, we invite you to embrace and lean into it. We firmly believe that in order to heal, you must first feel, ultimately leading to transformation and clarity.

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