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We are a hybrid practice which means we are primarily private pay but accept some insurances. Currently, the only insurances we accept are Aetna and United Healthcare. There are many benefits to choosing private pay that include the following:

Privacy and Confidentiality: When a client uses a managed care plan to pay for services, their information (including diagnosis, treatment plan, progress notes, etc.) becomes a part of a permanent record. When a claim is submitted to the insurance company, hundreds of people have access to the client’s personal information. With a private/self pay practice, only the provider has access to a client’s information.  Conflicts of Interest: Our primary concern is for our client’s well being. Providers working under the constraints of managed care companies are sometimes put in a position of having to choose between what is in the best interest of the company or what is in their client’s best interest. The goal of most managed care companies is to reduce costs of service to increase profits  for themselves; it is not the quality of care or quality of life for clients. 

Flexibility with Care: Managed care companies essentially dictate how often, how long, and what type of care a client can receive. This can put limitations on the types of services a provider can offer. Having more flexibility with care means that clients can actually receive services that are tailored to fit their needs without any restraints. It also improves the quality of care which is very important. 

Diagnosis and Stigma: Managed care companies require a diagnosis of mental illness in order to cover the cost of services. This diagnostic information also has the potential to follow a client as it becomes part of the client’s permanent medical record. We don’t not believe that a diagnosis should be required for care nor do we believe that every client’s challenge deems a medical diagnosis. Labeling clients with a diagnosis creates a stigma that can amplify their challenges even more. GraySpace therapists are primarily solutions-focused, giving attention to our client’s quality of life and not simply survival. 

Values and Ethics: As licensed clinicians, our therapists have an ethical obligation to promote the well being of those whom we serve. We also desire to provide care in the most authentic way possible. Unfortunately, being connected to managed care companies does not allow us to achieve this at the level we desire. 

We accept all major credit cards, health savings account (HSA) cards, as well as flex spending account (FSA) cards for payment. 

Clients are responsible for contacting their insurance company for reimbursement policy and procedure. GraySpace can provide a superbill/invoice at client’s request.